DEMAT ACCCOUNT What you need to know as an Investor?

Demat account helps the investors to hold securities by electronic means after the securities are dematerialized or bought.

What an Investor Want?

  • Higher Profit
  • Minimum Risk
  • Right Guidance

What You Need to Know?

  • Goal-Oriented

    As an investor, if you are planning to invest your money in the stocks then advisable to take guidance from the experts who will first analyze your investment pattern/purpose before suggesting you any financial products.

  • Risk-Adjusted

    New investors with lack of knowledge don’t pay much attention to the risk associated with various financial products in the market. It is advisable to focus on adjusting the risk in a profited manner so that you can rest assured.

  • Derivatives Analysis

    Derivatives are the most important thing for an early investor as they are not aware of the market sentiments and hence invest on wrong products by their instinct, however, a right analysis of such products will help you save your hard earned money.

  • The Risk in Small/Mid/Large Caps

    Maximum investors are not aware what will be the implications in the small/mid/large caps and end up in losses hence an advisory is required to analyze your income and then invest on the right products with long-term maximization in mind.

  • Higher Dividends

    Startup should invest in dividend-paying stocks as it will be an effective mode of building long-term wealth.

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